POLITICS: Buy American, Hire American

by Anna Friesen, Alison Cuevas, Johnny Kraft–

On April 18, 2017, President Donald Trump signed an executive order titled “Buy American, Hire American” during his visit to Wisconsin. Ironically, he chose to sign the order at headquarters of Snap-On Tools, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer.

This order has two initiatives. The first being “Buy American.” Buy American is intended to raise the standard of American products with stricter laws and more reviews. Trump’s goal as President is to make America great again and he intends to through making better quality and the best quality products America can make.

The second initiative is “Hire American” which direct American companies away from hiring workers with H-1B visas. Companies tend to hire these workers because they are willing to be paid for less than American workers which Trump considers “fraud.” The H-1B visa is often used by immigrants coming work in America and achieve a better life for their families. In 2016, The number of applications for H-1B visas fell to 199,000 this year from 236,000 in 2016. Many immigrants are now losing these opportunities.

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